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The Discovery Call Session marks the beginning of our journey together. This initial session is a friendly 20-minute conversation about your health concerns and goals, briefly discussing my practice and methods. We connect over the phone or through video conference online. There's absolutely no obligation involved; this is an opportunity to learn if we are a good match. 

It's time to leave behind the endless cycle of blind, non-sense dieting and deprivation that leads you nowhere. 

Embrace a new way of living that is in harmony with your individuality.

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You're in the right place if you're experiencing:

Weight Status

Systemic Chronic

Digestive Issues: GERD, IBS,
IBD and more

Cardiovascular Health

Anxiety and

Cognitive Performance

Metabolic Concerns (pre-diabetes, diabetes, cholestrol, PCOS, lipedema, migraines)

Energy and Sports

I have helped hundreds of people struggling with chronic metabolic concerns, gut and digestive issues, brain fog, mood and depression, inflammation, sexual and athletic performance, insomnia, pain, fatigue, and more.


I have been there where you are now; I am here to help you change your health trajectory and optimize your lifestyle. You will learn which foods and nutrients benefit you the most without deprivation or need for “cheat days.”

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