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Helping You Take Charge of Your Health

I can help you understand your body and take charge of your health through one-on-one consultations, providing data-based and date-driven personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. In our sessions, you will learn about the nutrition and lifestyle modifications tailored to your specific goals and needs that are more in tune with your body to keep you in top shape and going strong in the long run.


Some of these methods are based on returning to the way humans should eat, applications of fasting and time-restricted feeding, topics of movement and exercise, mindfulness, and creative expression—the (w)holistic approach to health with a foundation in nutrition and digestive health.


As you progress in your metabolic optimization, you’ll notice improved digestive function, balanced hormones, better sleep, better mood, and feel energized! 

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Using Food as Medicine

Food and nutrition as medicine is a fundamental concept that emphasizes the significant impact of dietary choices on overall health and well-being.


Beyond satisfying hunger, good food choices prevent disease, manage health conditions, and promote optimal wellness and longevity. 


The adage, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food," attributed to Hippocrates, underscores the profound healing potential inherent in our dietary choices. Specific foods possess medicinal properties that can aid in disease prevention, management, and sometimes even reversal of chronic conditions.


Integrating food and nutrition as a form of preventive medicine not only addresses current health concerns but serves as a proactive strategy to maintain optimal health and vitality.


In my approach to Medical Nutrition Therapy, I work in the low-carbohydrate spectrum of interventions, which may include using conventional and non-conventional dietary philosophies fundamentally rooted in traditional practice and the most current scientific evidence.

My Neutraceutical Recommendations

Personalized neutraceutical recommendations are important in helping you achieve your health goals and maintain them over time. You will gain access to my dispensaries through my practice to obtain your recommended supplements.

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