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I am Dr. Leandro Pucci, DCN CNS® CKNS® LDN. As a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition, I am devoted to uncovering and healing the root causes of many chronic, systemic metabolic health disorders. I follow a (w)holistic and functional approach to Therapeutic Carbohydrate Restriction, personalized to your specific needs, lifestyle, and health goals. Ultimately, I help my patients optimize their metabolic functions and achieve remarkable results that will last a lifetime.


I help people all over the US and beyond from my Nutrition Practice in West Hollywood, California, and I’d love to work with you as well. It’s time to optimize yourself, heal, regenerate, find balance, and live a beautiful, healthful life!

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My Personal Health Journey

My personal health experiences have profoundly influenced my journey as a Clinical Nutritionist. I was born in Venezuela to a health-conscious mother who wanted to do her best for her children. Under that impossible parameter of appearance, I was introduced to all kinds of restrictive diets from an early age. These could range from doctor-prescribed regimens to macrobiotic and, lastly, vegetarian approaches. The weight issue was never resolved; it was just yo-yoing weight status. In the end, all I had left was a terrible relationship with food.


In my twenties, I had the opportunity to live in Rome, where I intuitively discovered the significance of the Mediterranean lifestyle and the joy of family meals. Food was here to enjoy it. Although weight still was an issue, It naturally started to go where it was to supposed to go.


Soon after I relocated to the USA, I assimilated to the culture and the dietary recommendations of the time: low-fat, high-carb diet, artificial sweeteners, and so on. I experimented with " miracle fat burners" in pursuit of that idealized body image. I worked endless hours, and my fitness was mainly relegated to cardio and some machines. This lifestyle eventually took a toll, leading to imbalanced metabolic function showing up as Metabolic Syndrome, Hypogonadism, Anxiety, and depression were companions. Finally, In 2012, I faced a life-changing diagnosis of cancer. Since cancer is very uncommon in my family, I started digging after my first visit with one of my doctors. He mentioned that my cancer had an origin in lifestyle and assimilation to the US culture. 


A year later, by the end of 2013, my career path completely changed when I started learning about the power of nutrition, genetic predispositions, and lifestyle's role in modifying health status. I have learned so much since then and am grateful to be in remission today, applying the knowledge I've gained to maintain my health.


Motivated by these transformative experiences, I decided to pursue a career as a Clinical Nutritionist. In 2016, I earned my Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) and later pursued my Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition (DCN) degree obtained in early 2023.


I'm committed to giving back by using data-driven Personalized Nutrition and science-based Nutrition Therapies and a (w)holistic approach to health to Optimize my patients' metabolic health and increase their vitality for the long run. 


I am so glad you’re here. I can’t wait to meet you and look forward to learning about your journey and showing you how to recapture your wellness!

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Doctor of
Clinical Nutrition

Masters of Science in Human Clinical Nutrition and Integrative Health

Certified Nutrition
Specialist (CNS)

Certified Ketogenic Nutrition
Specialist (CKNS)

Licensed Nutritionist/Dietitian

 (LDN, Pennsylvania)

Committed to Lifelong Learning

The learning never stops. Nutrition science continues to advance, and the benefit of Low-carb Nutrition therapies for many health conditions is growing exponentially. Every patient with whom I have the privilege to work and help brings an opportunity to grow further as a practitioner. Each case allows me to fulfill my aspiration to listen, educate, guide, and celebrate with them as they reach their health goals!

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